• TodayFit was founded by Hong Kong born English man, Kabir Walker, an IT expert and a fitness enthusiast. Though his personal journey, he believes that keeping fit and leading an active lifestyle can really help people feel happier. 


    He believes that achieving fitness doesn't require an expensive gym membership, knowing the right people, nor being at the right location. He strives to create a community where individuals can lead healthier, more active lives while fostering meaningful connections. Through the TodayFit app, Kabir makes this vision a reality.


    The TodayFit app provides a safe platform for members while safeguarding their privacy. With affordable monthly subscription, TodayFit members gain access to professional-led workouts, the opportunity to join sports teams aligned with their passions, and the chance to connect with like-minded individuals at social events.


    For TodayFit members, everyday it's down to one decision to make: "Do I go to Animal Flow today? Or do I watch a Netflix?"



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