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TodayFit Carbon Fibre Dragon Boat Paddle - Personalised

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Paddle Length
Paddle-Carry Bag Colour

The TodayFit Dragon Boat Carbon Fiber Paddle is the ultimate choice for paddlers seeking peak performance, a competitive edge, and style!

Crafted using Japanese carbon fiber, this ultra-lightweight paddle weighs approximately 350 grams (length-dependent). It enhances performance, reduces fatigue, and is favored by competitive dragon boat racers. Its exceptional design ensures lightning-fast recovery, powerful strokes, and a sleek profile.

Designed to meet IDBF standards, the TodayFit Dragon Boat Carbon Fiber Paddle is perfect for both local and international races.

The paddle’s sleek design features TodayFit's logo on one side. On the other side, the IDBF mark and a Chinese character that represents your name or personality trait. Customizations such as including an English name or incorporating your preferred design pattern are available for an additional fee of HK$150 (a ready-to-print high-definition illustrator AI file is required).


  • Length : The standard length is 120 cm, but users above 180 cm in height can choose the 125 cm length for optimal performance.
  • Weight : Ranging from 330 to 400 grams
  • Paddle Surface : 18 cm x 48 cm
  • Lead Time : 2 weeks

With your purchase, you'll receive a paddle-carrying bag, available in a variety of vibrant colours. Choose from Black, Red, Bright Blue, Orange, Bright Green, Purple, Light Gray, or Pink to match your individual style.

Upgrade your paddling performance, experience the joy of effortless paddling and swift recovery with the TodayFit Dragon Boat Carbon Fiber Paddle. Unleash your true potential on the water and leave your competitors in awe!